Social Security has a two numbers that I think conflict, but are critical to remember (see the link at the bottom for those numbers in 2015):

Before you have been declared disabled the “magic number” is $1,010 per month: if you are working very little– your earnings are less than $1,010 per month, you are likely not considered to be doing ”substantial gainful activity”and such work would presumably not affect your disability application. It may affect your Trial Work Period, but typically does not.

After you have been declared disabled the “magic number” is, in 2014 or after, $770 per month: If you work and earn more than $770 in one month, that month will be counted as part of a “trial work period”, which may affect your benefits, starting in 2013. In 2012 and before the number is $720.00 per month. In 2013 the number was $750.00.

Here is the press release of ALL the numbers that matter, increasing the trial work period number, the SGA number, etc. HERE.

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