Social Security has published a proposed change to the designation of conditions of impaired intellectual functioning, including low IQ testing results. For years Social Security has used “mental retardation.” It is now proposing to change that designation, in conformance with Rosa’s Law. The relevant portion of the proposed change is as follows:

We propose to replace the term “mental retardation” with “intellectual disability” wherever it appears in the listings and in our other rules. The proposed changes would affect listings 12.05 and 112.05; the introductions to 10.00, the Part A adult listings, and 110.00, the Part B child listings for impairments that affect multiple body systems; the introductions to 12.00, the Part A adult listings, and 112.00, the Part B child listings for mental disorders; and sections 404.1513(a)(2) and 416.913(a)(2). We also propose to replace the words “mentally retarded children” with “children with intellectual disability” in the examples in sections 404.2045(a) and 416.645(a).

You can find the full text here: Full Text of Proposed Change.

This will not change how Social Security evaluates persons with intellectual disabilities for disability purposes.



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