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Social Security has published a new ruling on how Fibromyalgia will be evaluated. The new rule is found here: New Rule The new rule does not seem to change all that much the evaluation of the impairment, at first blush. … Continue reading

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The Judges in Hartford statistics: http://www.disabilityjudges.com/state/connecticut/hartford The Judges in New Haven statistics:    http://www.disabilityjudges.com/state/connecticut/new-haven

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Alice in Wonderland Meets Social Security

At the trial to determine who stole the tarts in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the following dialogue takes place: `Let the jury consider their verdict,’ the King said, for about the twentieth time that day. `No, no!’ said the Queen. … Continue reading

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What Exactly Does the Lawyer Do?

This is what the lawyer should do: (1) Obtain ALL your medical records. With careful reading of medical records,  it becomes apparent, more often than not, that there are missing hospital visits, missing MRI’s, missing lab tests, missing Operative Reports, … Continue reading

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